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ul. Świętego Mikołaja 30/31 lok1.



KRS: 0000795500


The online store "Koliba Publishing" is run at: (from now on: Online Store) run by the company WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O. with its seat in Wrocław at ul. Karola Libelta 34/3 (51-682 Wrocław), Poland, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Wrocław, IX Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000795500, with a share capital of PLN 5,000, NIP: 8982251741, REGON : 383909854, e-mail address:

I. General Provisions

  1. The Online Store sells goods via the Internet using the domain:

  2. The Online Store provides these Regulations in PDF format that allows them to be saved on a durable medium on the Customer's device.

  3. Orders in the Store may be placed by natural adult persons with total legal capacity, legal persons, or organizational units without legal personality.

  4. Persons placing the orders referred to above (from now on: Customers) are natural persons placing orders and concluding a sales contract for purposes not directly related to business or professional activity (from now on: Consumers) and other entities (business customers).

  5. A warranty covers the products offered in the Online Store on the terms applicable to standard regulations.

  6. The prices of the products shown on the website of the Online Store are gross prices, including VAT, if applicable. Product prices do not include shipping costs; information on the total value of the order is presented clearly and unambiguously after the Customer selects the form of delivery and payment.

  7. Before placing an order, the Customer can check the delivery cost in one of the tabs: SHIPPING AND PAYMENTS

  8. A VAT invoice is issued for each order.

  9. The Online Store does not use default options with hidden payments.

  10. The sales contract is concluded following Polish law and in Polish, English - at the Customer's choice - between the Customer of the Online Store and WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O.

  11. The customer can purchase products in the Online Store that have not yet been manufactured and their ongoing production. These are referred to as "PRE-ORDER" on the product card. The delivery time shown in the description of such a product is only indicative. It may be significantly extended compared to standard products already ready for sale.

II. Placing orders

  1. When placing an order in the Online Store, the Customer voluntarily provides the following personal data: name and surname (or the name of the company and the name and surname of the person acting on behalf of the company, as well as the tax identification number), exact address, e-mail address, and contact telephone number, possibly another address for delivery. The Customer declares that the data mentioned above are correct. Providing the data mentioned above is necessary for the conclusion and proper performance of the contract.

  2. Placing an order consists of the following elements:

    1. a) selecting products and placing them in the so-called "shopping cart" available on the website
      b) read the provisions of these Regulations by the Customer, the Customer is asked to accept the provisions of these Regulations by checking the box.

  3. After placing the order, automatic confirmation of the order is sent to the Customer's e-mail address provided when placing the order.

  4. Holidays are not included in calculating the dates indicated in this section of the Regulations (Placing orders).

  5. After the order is closed, it cannot be modified. The only option is to withdraw from the contract and place a new order completely.

  6. It is not possible to combine orders.

  7. If the order includes products that are constantly on sale and products from the "PRE-ORDER" category, the order will be processed when all its elements are completed.

  8. Online store WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O. reserves the right to limit the number of ordered goods per one customer, offered by the Store at promotional prices or containing additional collector's items. Information about the limit entered is included in the product description.

  9. The functionality of the Koliba Publishing store does not allow for the mechanical limitation of the number of products ordered in the case of the introduced limits, referred to in points 8. and 9. Orders that do not meet the requirements of the points mentioned above will be canceled, and the funds paid will be returned to the account, about which the Customer will be informed.

III. Payment

  1. Online store of WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O. provides the following payment methods:

  2. a) traditional transfer - to the bank account of WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O. - execution of the order begins immediately after crediting the bank account of WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O.,
    b) via the system (e-transfer, credit card, debit card) - order processing begins immediately after crediting the bank account of WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O.,

  3. The moment of payment is the moment of crediting the bank account of WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O.

  4. Failure to pay within three (3) calendar days will automatically cancel the order.

  5. The final price, to be paid by the Customer, consists of the payment for the ordered goods and the delivery costs specified in the SHIPPING AND PAYMENT tab.

IV. Delivery cost and time

  1. The territorial scope of the contract's deliveries covers the territory of Poland and the rest of the world.

  2. The order fulfillment time is indicated in the product description. The exception is products marked with the name "PRE-ORDER"; the stated delivery time is only an approximate time.

  3. Delivery costs are specified in the price list available in the tab: SHIPPING AND PAYMENTS


V. Complaints


If you need to make a complaint about products purchased in the Online Store, please submit it to the address below in writing. 


Polska, Wrocław 50-043

ul. Świętego Mikołaja 30/31 lok1.

or please write to the following e-mail address:, in the title COMPLAINT

  1. The Online Store complies with the obligation to deliver products without defects.

  2. The Online Store considers complaints by the Act of 23 April 1964. Civil Code.

  3. The customer may submit a complaint based on the warranty if the product sold has a physical or legal defect.

  4. A physical defect consists in the non-compliance of the product with the contract, in particular, if the product:

    1. a) it has no properties that this type of product should have,
      b) does not have properties that the Customer has provided by the Online Store,
      c) it is not suitable for which the Customer informed the Online Store after the contract, and the Online Store did not raise any objections as to its intended use,
      d) was delivered to the Customer incomplete.

  5. In the event of a defect, the Customer may submit a complaint to the Online Store under warranty and select one of four requests: replacement of the product with a new one, repair of the product, price reduction, withdrawal from the contract - if the defect is significant.

  6. Suppose the Customer requests replacement or repair of the item. In that case, the Online Store may refuse to comply with this request only if the Customer's request would be impossible to fulfill by the Online Store or in the event of a repair request - would require high costs. This limitation does not apply if the item has already been replaced or repaired by the Online Store or has failed to satisfy the obligation to replace the item with a non-defective one or remove the defect.

  7. The Online Store may propose a different solution. The customer may change his choice and demand that the goods be brought into conformity with the contract in an other way, e.g., price reduction or withdrawal from the agreement.

  8. The Online Store is liable under the warranty if the defect is found within two years from the product's release date.

  9. Within one year from the product's release, it is presumed that the defect or its cause existed at the time of sale.

  10. The complaint may be submitted in writing, describing the defect and indicating the demand specified in section 5. The letter containing the complaint may be sent by registered mail to the following address:


    • Polska, Wrocław 50-043

    • ul. Świętego Mikołaja 30/31 lok1.

  11. Suppose the Customer's request is to repair the goods, replace the goods with a new one, or reduce the good's price. In that case, the Online Store is obliged to consider the complaint within 30 calendar days from the date of its submission. If this deadline is not met, the complaint is considered justified.


VI. Withdrawal from the contract

  1. All issues related to complaints, withdrawal from the contract, and return of products are included in the document entitled "Returns and Complaints," which is an appendix and integral part of these Terms and Conditions, available at the following address:

VII. Personal data protection

  1. The personal data administrator is WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O. with its registered office in Wrocław (50-043 Wrocław), at ul. Święty Mikołaja 30/31 lok1, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court in Wrocław, IX Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000795500, NIP 8982251741, REGON 383909854, share capital in the amount of PLN 5,000.

  2. The personal data administrator processes the personal data of customers in accordance with the provisions of national law on the protection of personal data, with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC ("GDPR") L 119/40 EN Official Journal of the European Union 4.5.2016. and in accordance with the Privacy Policy referred to in para. 3.

  3. Detailed rules for the processing of personal data and the use of cookies are described in the Privacy Policy available at PRIVACY POLICY


VIII. Final Provisions

  1. Disputes regarding the content of the provisions of these Regulations and concluded based on the Regulations of contracts; their implementation will be considered before the court competent according to the requirements of civil procedure.

  2. WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O. has the right to change the content of these Regulations. Information about changes and the date of entry into force of the new version of the Regulations will be published on the website The Client must accept the current version of the Regulations when placing an order—information about changes by WYDAWNICTWO KOLIBA SP. Z O. O. Regulations do not affect the content of already concluded sales contracts. The content of the Regulations accepted by the Customer when placing the order is binding when concluding the sales contract.

  3. The information on the website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

  4. The consumer has the option of using an out-of-court complaint and redress procedure. The rules of access to these procedures are available at the offices or on the websites of entities authorized for out-of-court dispute resolution. The list of these entities is available at:

  5. The consumer also has the option of using the EU platform for online dispute resolution between consumers and entrepreneurs (ODR platform) available at:

  6. The Regulations are available at the Seller's premises and on the website

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